Reduce memory consumption


Shared arena based allocator

Memory consumption can be reduced between multiple sessions by configuring the shared arena based allocation. See the Share allocator(s) between sessions section in the C API documentation.

mimalloc allocator usage

ONNX Runtime supports overriding memory allocations using mimalloc, a fast, general-purpose allocator.

Depending on your model and usage, it can deliver single- or double-digit improvements in performance. The GitHub README page describes various scenarios on how mimalloc can be leveraged for performance tuning.

mimalloc is a submodule in the ONNX Runtime source tree. On Windows, one can employ the --use_mimalloc build flag which builds a static version of mimalloc and links it to ONNX Runtime. This redirects ONNX Runtime allocators and all new/delete calls to mimalloc. Currently, there are no special provisions to employ mimalloc on Linux. It is recommended to use the LD_PRELOAD mechanism using pre-built binaries of mimalloc that you can build/obtain separately.