Get started with Large Model Training with ORTModule

ONNX Runtime Training’s ORTModule offers a high performance training engine for models defined using the PyTorch frontend. ORTModule is designed to accelerate the training of large models without needing to change the model definition and with just a single line of code change (the ORTModule wrap) to the entire training script.

Using the ORTModule class wrapper, ONNX Runtime runs the forward and backward pass of the training script using an optimized automatically-exported ONNX computation graph.

ORT Training Example

In this example we will go over how to use ORT for Training a model with PyTorch.

# Installs the torch_ort and onnxruntime-training Python packages
pip install torch-ort
# Configures onnxruntime-training to work with user's PyTorch installation
python -m torch_ort.configure

Note: This installs the default version of the torch-ort and onnxruntime-training packages that are mapped to specific versions of the CUDA libraries. Refer to the install options in

  • Add ORTModule in the
+  from torch_ort import ORTModule
-  model = build_model() # Users PyTorch model
+  model = ORTModule(build_model())


ONNX Runtime Training Examples