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Video super resolution in Microsoft Edge

VSR in Microsoft Edge builds on top of ONNX Runtime and DirectML making our solution portable across GPU vendors and allowing VSR to be available to more users. Additional graphics cards which support these technologies and have sufficient computing power will receive support in the future. The ONNX Runtime and DirectML teams have fine-tuned their technology over many years, resulting in VSR making the most of the performance and capabilities of your graphics card’s processing power.

March 8th, 2023

OctoML drives down production AI inference costs at Microsoft through new integration with ONNX Runtime ecosystem

Over the past year, OctoML engineers worked closely with Watch For to design and implement the TVM Execution Provider (EP) for ONNX Runtime - bringing the model optimization potential of Apache TVM to all ONNX Runtime users. This builds upon the collaboration we began in 2021, to bring the benefits of TVM’s code generation and flexible quantization support to production scale at Microsoft.

March 2nd, 2023

Scaling-up PyTorch inference: Serving billions of daily NLP inferences with ONNX Runtime

Scale, performance, and efficient deployment of state-of-the-art Deep Learning models are ubiquitous challenges as applied machine learning grows across the industry. We’re happy to see that the ONNX Runtime Machine Learning model inferencing solution we’ve built and use in high-volume Microsoft products and services also resonates with our open source community, enabling new capabilities that drive content relevance and productivity...

April 19, 2022