interface WebGLFlags {
    async?: boolean;
    context: WebGLRenderingContext;
    contextId?: "webgl" | "webgl2";
    matmulMaxBatchSize?: number;
    pack?: boolean;
    textureCacheMode?: "full" | "initializerOnly";


async?: boolean

Set or get whether enable async download.

Default Value


context: WebGLRenderingContext

Get the WebGL rendering context.

contextId?: "webgl" | "webgl2"

Set or get the WebGL Context ID (webgl or webgl2).

Default Value


matmulMaxBatchSize?: number

Set or get the maximum batch size for matmul. 0 means to disable batching.


pack?: boolean

Set or get the packed texture mode

Default Value


textureCacheMode?: "full" | "initializerOnly"

Set or get the texture cache mode.

Default Value


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