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Ort::Env Struct Reference

The Env (Environment) More...

#include <onnxruntime_cxx_api.h>

Inheritance diagram for Ort::Env:
Ort::detail::Base< OrtEnv >

Public Member Functions

 Env (std::nullptr_t)
 Create an empty Env object, must be assigned a valid one to be used.
 Env (OrtLoggingLevel logging_level=ORT_LOGGING_LEVEL_WARNING, const char *logid="")
 Wraps OrtApi::CreateEnv.
 Env (OrtLoggingLevel logging_level, const char *logid, OrtLoggingFunction logging_function, void *logger_param)
 Wraps OrtApi::CreateEnvWithCustomLogger.
 Env (const OrtThreadingOptions *tp_options, OrtLoggingLevel logging_level=ORT_LOGGING_LEVEL_WARNING, const char *logid="")
 Wraps OrtApi::CreateEnvWithGlobalThreadPools.
 Env (const OrtThreadingOptions *tp_options, OrtLoggingFunction logging_function, void *logger_param, OrtLoggingLevel logging_level=ORT_LOGGING_LEVEL_WARNING, const char *logid="")
 Wraps OrtApi::CreateEnvWithCustomLoggerAndGlobalThreadPools.
 Env (OrtEnv *p)
 C Interop Helper.
EnvEnableTelemetryEvents ()
 Wraps OrtApi::EnableTelemetryEvents.
EnvDisableTelemetryEvents ()
 Wraps OrtApi::DisableTelemetryEvents.
EnvUpdateEnvWithCustomLogLevel (OrtLoggingLevel log_severity_level)
 Wraps OrtApi::UpdateEnvWithCustomLogLevel.
EnvCreateAndRegisterAllocator (const OrtMemoryInfo *mem_info, const OrtArenaCfg *arena_cfg)
 Wraps OrtApi::CreateAndRegisterAllocator.
EnvCreateAndRegisterAllocatorV2 (const std::string &provider_type, const OrtMemoryInfo *mem_info, const std::unordered_map< std::string, std::string > &options, const OrtArenaCfg *arena_cfg)
 Wraps OrtApi::CreateAndRegisterAllocatorV2.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ort::detail::Base< OrtEnv >
constexpr Base ()=default
constexpr Base (contained_type *p) noexcept
 Base (const Base &)=delete
 Base (Base &&v) noexcept
 ~Base ()
Baseoperator= (const Base &)=delete
Baseoperator= (Base &&v) noexcept
constexpr operator contained_type * () const noexcept
contained_typerelease ()
 Relinquishes ownership of the contained C object pointer The underlying object is not destroyed.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Ort::detail::Base< OrtEnv >
using contained_type = OrtEnv
- Protected Attributes inherited from Ort::detail::Base< OrtEnv >

Detailed Description

The Env (Environment)

The Env holds the logging state used by all other objects. Note: One Env must be created before using any other Onnxruntime functionality

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Env() [1/6]

Ort::Env::Env ( std::nullptr_t  )

Create an empty Env object, must be assigned a valid one to be used.

◆ Env() [2/6]

Ort::Env::Env ( OrtLoggingLevel  logging_level = ORT_LOGGING_LEVEL_WARNING,
const char *  logid = "" 

◆ Env() [3/6]

Ort::Env::Env ( OrtLoggingLevel  logging_level,
const char *  logid,
OrtLoggingFunction  logging_function,
void *  logger_param 

◆ Env() [4/6]

Ort::Env::Env ( const OrtThreadingOptions tp_options,
OrtLoggingLevel  logging_level = ORT_LOGGING_LEVEL_WARNING,
const char *  logid = "" 

◆ Env() [5/6]

Ort::Env::Env ( const OrtThreadingOptions tp_options,
OrtLoggingFunction  logging_function,
void *  logger_param,
OrtLoggingLevel  logging_level = ORT_LOGGING_LEVEL_WARNING,
const char *  logid = "" 

◆ Env() [6/6]

Ort::Env::Env ( OrtEnv p)

C Interop Helper.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateAndRegisterAllocator()

Env & Ort::Env::CreateAndRegisterAllocator ( const OrtMemoryInfo mem_info,
const OrtArenaCfg arena_cfg 

◆ CreateAndRegisterAllocatorV2()

Env & Ort::Env::CreateAndRegisterAllocatorV2 ( const std::string &  provider_type,
const OrtMemoryInfo mem_info,
const std::unordered_map< std::string, std::string > &  options,
const OrtArenaCfg arena_cfg 

◆ DisableTelemetryEvents()

Env & Ort::Env::DisableTelemetryEvents ( )

◆ EnableTelemetryEvents()

Env & Ort::Env::EnableTelemetryEvents ( )

◆ UpdateEnvWithCustomLogLevel()

Env & Ort::Env::UpdateEnvWithCustomLogLevel ( OrtLoggingLevel  log_severity_level)